Healing · Prompts

Seize The Night

I’m Duchess.
I’m not new at blogging- this is just a new blog.
A brand new blog, for a brand new start.

This is like opening the cover of a new notebook. All of the pages crisp, blank, ready to take on a purpose. To-do lists, doodles, important information, 16 different colors of pens and pencil.

This blog is a lot like that new notebook, if that notebook were being used to track me embracing my life. I am here to prove in a million colors of pens, in a million different formats, that no matter how dark your life may seem- Seize the Night. You need the darkest of nights for the stars to shine the brightest.

This blog is all about embracing my flaws, my quirks, my darkness, my setbacks. There is nothing glamorous about life. Nothing comes easy and without a mess. However, as dark as the night may seem sometimes- instead of straining to look for the light, I intend to use the dark as a blanket and make myself at home. I and I alone am in charge of the outcome of my situations. I may not be able to change fate, but I sure as hell can enjoy the ride.


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