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The Road Taken- There’s snow place like home

Imagine walking out your back door, your toes met by the warm Carolina sand; the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the shoreline. The warm salty air like a hug around your sunkissed skin…

*insert dramatic record scratch here*

That was my life for nearly a decade. Living in North Carolina on Atlantic Beach. Alas, my fantasy life ended, and I moved back to my roots- Ohio.

I’ve been here for a little over a year, tolerating Ohio’s seasons. Where I choose to drop my roots for now was just outside of the “snow belt” and winter has seemed to avoid my neck of the woods consistently. This week we have had a wide variety of temperatures- from 75 and sunny to this morning- a blizzard. I woke up to get little demon ready for school and the snow was steadily coming down, and not a single plow had touched the road. School wasn’t cancelled or delay, but buses were nearly 30 minutes late picking the kids up.

To say I was surprised by the winter wonderland this morning would be an understatement. I felt like a giant kid! Once The Little Demon was on the bus- I wanted to put on boots and go sledding and throw snowballs and make snow angels! I has a full body happiness I can’t describe. I loathe the cold. I am home sick for the beach. Today, today was a delightful surprise for a change!


This post is in response to the The Weekly Photo Challenge “The Road Taken

Show us something that surprised or delighted you on “the road taken.”


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