Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

Monday morning once again! As you know by now- I have an extreme dislike for all things morning. I need coffee strong enough to wake the neighbors just to get me to stop snoozing my alarm. I can’t hit snooze anymore, so it’s time to kick the week off with Monday Morning Coffee and Chaos!

CoffeeANDChaos2Monday Mindfulness
Restless.  I don’t know if it’s because today is the Ostara which means today is the vernal equinox, so things are shifting and balancing or what …. but the word of mindfulness today is Restless.

This Weeks Intentions
– To limit use of “extremes” (aka I’ve told you a million times)
– To be as Mindful as possible at all times
-1 word..calm

This Weeks Goals
– To get back on track with my daily Yoga, Reiki and Mindfulness.
– To be solid in my eating habits (which is hard with my lack of appetite)
– To prepare for my week in KY without the last minute craziness

I would love to hear about your intentions and goals this week- even just your Monday mindfulness! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!


One thought on “Coffee & Chaos

  1. I love the blog. I will continue to keep up. Be careful in your travels to my great state of Kentucky.

    My goals are to continue to maintain a balance of my needs for improved health and mental growth. I, also, want to improve my consistency in being a father and husband, being the leader they need.


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