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Starting Fresh- A splash of green

Taken with my iPhone 7 plus with no filter or editing. 

The only real color in my flower bed is the green stalks and stems of my flowers. I have spent so much time and effort seeking out the blackest possible perennials and annuals (which yes, some still technically aren’t black- they are a deep purple that looks black). As winter turns to spring and summer- I proudly boast my sea of rich shades of night. However this year, I am heart broken. As I prepare to move- I will have to bid my flowers adieu, which means there is very little point is working my butt off to keep my precious gothic garden in bloom this spring. (I am thinking I will plant a couple porch planters though! Black elephant ears and black violas and such…) So for this weeks photo topic of green, I want to smile a bit at what I will get to see bloomed one last time this year.

This iPhotography post was inspired by the The Daily Prompt’s weekly photo prompt of “It IS Easy  Being Green”


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