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The Broken Heart Chronicles Part VII

17793326_434771636868876_971036822_nThis was hands down the worst it has been. The pain shot through my chest so fast and hard it was like I had been electrocuted. I got dizzy and my vision went blurry.

This was one of those moments where I didn’t have the second thought of “ehhh, I’ll wait and see”, I auto pilot called my mom to come sit with my son without thinking twice as I cautiously packed a bag to head to the hospital.

Arriving at the ER, as soon as they hooked me up for an EKG they saw it was an “irregular EKG”. Noticing my RBBB immediately and my resting heart rate of roughly 120bpm as soon as the sensors we on me, the doctor came in right away to order blood and get a background. The usual flow of things.

This time though, a brand new symptom appeared. My oxygen. My oxygen levels kept dropping to around 92. I was told by the Nurse 95 is a concern and 97 is the lowest that is “acceptable”. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I’m young. I’m active. So in went the horrible oxygen tube. I swear I could feel the air blowing behind my eyeballs. Worst feeling EVER!

The Nurse kept giving me the “you poor thing look”, as the doctor came back in and declared all my blood work was just fine (minus my 1 point too low potassium level). Which we knew would happen. It always happens. They can see my tachycardia-like heart racing and my RBBB, they can see I have every. single. symptom. of a heart attack minus the actual clot. I have no infections in my bloodwork. I have no clots according to my bloodwork. Everything is just fine. Except I’m dying without dying.17424962_430641690615204_4005804853538115830_n

The VA refuses to schedule me for the needed tests such a contrast CT and other tests for ruling out heart diseases, or anginas or such. I’m not a “priority” because I’m a young female so it must just be anxiety (insert a huge eye roll here). I have been scanned with a ultrasound for Mitral Valve issues- that was a negative. My lungs look and sound fine. I don’t have a single ounce of soreness when pushed on, nor does breathing or moving make it better or worse (Costochondritis is out). Ive been tested for AR and GERD with a numbing test (so nasty!) and it did NOTHING for my pain either. RAWRRRR.

The doctor had no idea what else to do with me, other than send me home and tell me to take my nitro if it didn’t get better or come back if it gets worse.

I remind you all, I go to the ER per my primary care doctor’s suggestion. We don’t know what the issue is and absolutely have no idea how life threatening or non-life threatening this is so to be safe I head to the ER- Normally the closest one to me since the VA is far away and doesn’t give a single fuck about me.


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