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Density on the Horizon

It was Sunday night, I was making the trek from Ohio to Kentucky. I was 3 hours into my trip when I noticed the weather start to shift. The wind howled across the fields on either side of the highway. Needing both hands on the steering wheel as the sky got darker and darker. The density of the clouds grew. Gorgeous deep colors of blues, greys and purples.  My radio had been turned down so I could see better. (Seriously, we all do it! Don’t judge!) The white noise that was my car pacing the cars around me along with the steadily growing wind was pierced with the sound of tornado sirens. My phone weather app also began to screech- informing me I needed to seek shelter immediately.  The rain and hail had stopped a couple miles back. Everything around me seemed to calm, yet there was a tension you could cut with a knife. Just then, as I looked over to my right, I saw it. The forming of a massive funnel. The clouds swirling into formation like some kind of deadly dance.



This weeks photo reel is in response to The Daily Blog’s Photo Challenge prompt “Dense” – my apologies for the quality. Taken going nearly roughly 65 on the interstate battling 70+ mph winds while looking for a place to pull over!


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