Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

Monday is here once again. I feel like the weekends betray me with how fast they go by sometimes! What better way to kick the week into gear than with a coffee and some mindfulness! Lets go!


This Mornings Coffee
An Iced Venti Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks (yeah yeah, I know, it’s froo-froo as hell..I can’t help it! It’s delicious!)

Monday Mindfulness
Recharged. I feel like my trip “home” to KY helped recharge me and my motivation.  I was reminded I am a vital part of the company, and what I do is important in helping the thin blue line. I felt apart of something again, and was reminded how fortunate I am that work allows me to work remotely while I am dealing with my heart issues so I can be close to family who can help me. I feel so motivated and so much clearer and focused.

This Weeks Intentions
– Maintain the good vibes I left Kentucky with
– Stay positive in my abilities and worth

This Weeks Goals
– To get the new system we started AT work in a good flow here in my home office.
–  To stay out of the hospital! (I don’t think I get to choose that, but it’s a goal!)
– To clean the WHOLE house top and bottom, like inspection style (since I can open windows!)

I would love to hear about your intentions and goals this week- even just your Monday mindfulness! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!


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