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Laser Eyes- The Frustration of Being Forever Four-Eyed

Today I went into one of Cleveland’s top Lasik Eye Surgery Centers; Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland . Chosen for their flawless 5.0 star rating, amazing reviews, and innovative state of the art equipment that is completely knife free, I was beyond excited for to book 18009877_443586402654066_599172362_n.jpgmy free Lasik Eval.

I have worn glasses since Kindergarten, and contacts since 2004. I have no idea what it’s like to see without something on my face or in my eye.

As it came time for me to order new boxes of contacts (which I can’t do online, only through a Doctor because of my horrible astigmatism and farsightedness) I decided I was absolutely over this hoop jumping and started researching Lasik Eye Surgery Centers. I know a huge number of friends and family members who have had it done and ranted and raved about it.

I have been wearing Cooper Visions “Pro Clear” toric lenses from day one of contacts, and I am nearly at the max of ability to wear contacts (yes, at 28 my eyes really ARE that bad). Seeing this made me nearly cry. Glasses are a huge inconvenience!! I cant wear sunglasses at will (and I would rather be blind than wear transition lenses, there is NOTHING attractive about those nor do I think they come in my script), they fall off when I’m super active, they slip often, and worse of all- my script is so high I
tend to look like a bug when wearing them. Not to mention they ruin makeup looks and 90% of my hairstyles because I have short hair. BLAH. I absolutely DESPISE my glasses. 12003208_151509665195076_1833634636718194045_n

Settling on Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland, I went in today for my consultation- but without high hopes. I had been told by doctors in the past while getting my glasses or contacts script that I wouldn’t be a good candidate for Lasik or PRK. The staff was AMAZING! They were so friendly and informative. They detailed each step of the exam they were doing to see if  I was a candidate. After doing a series of tests (none of which blew air in your eyes or anything crazy!) I waited in the crazy chair that has the “which is better one or two” machine attached to it. After a series or “one or two” “a or b” tests from the Lasik Doctor, and blink and looked at me and exclaimed “My! You really do have one heck of a prescription!”.

At the point, she as gently as possible explained to me that they will not move forth with Lasik if they cannot guarantee 100% vision fix- and unfortunately for me and my astigmatism and far sightedness, I likely could not get that 100%. She wanted me to wear my glasses for another week (with no contacts) and than scheduled me to go Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.14.59 PM.pngin again next Thursday to re-do the tests and confirm if I really am not a candidate, since I did have contacts in just the day prior- and apparently my toric lenses can throw things off.

So I wait another week to likely get let down for a final time. Could I get another opinion? Yes. Have I read the reviews and such of all of the other places in the Area (and even those an hour away!) Yes. Am I comfortable going to place that isn’t using anything close to as advanced as Lasik Eye Centers of Cleveland, Have reports of issues, failures, poor customer service and letting them “wing it” and try to fix my eyes to make a dollar? Absolutely not. If the top of the barrel says “yeahhh, no” I’m not going to pick from the bottom!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed. I can’t see without glasses on or contacts in- and I don’t mean that as a joke, my eyes are THAT bad. I love do adrenaline filled things like roller coasters, sky diving, roller derby and anything that involves going fast. Glasses seriously impact that ability, and without them on doing those things can cause motion sickness, headaches, or loss of coordination. As I near the end of my contact wearing life, this was the light at the end of the nearly 3 decades of eyewear. I guess I am doomed to forever be four eyed.


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