Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

What’s worse than Monday? Monday morning when you’re sick! I made it so, SO long without catching anything going around and today? BAM! I feel like my head was hit with a train!


This Mornings Coffee
This mornings coffee is a giant, strong cup of straight up Espresso. Maybe I can motivate the sickness out of me? Maybe?

Thoughts About the Upcoming Week
This week my thoughts are about hitting my stride. Work, School, a lot of personal to-to’s and also combating what the hell this sickness is.

This Weeks Goal
– Get 100% of my classes in my iStudiez app. I was originally going to do it weekly, but I am thinking I want this semester in there up front.

-Hit my stride and keep going!

I would love to hear about your upcoming week and goals for this week- even just your coffee choice! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!