Coffee and Chaos

CoffeeANDChaos2 (3)

I’m not a morning person. I am definitely not a person at all without coffee. What I am however is a goal person.

The best way for me to corral my chaos is a big cup of coffee and my weekly intentions. A way to hold myself accountable. Something that on Friday I can look back and say “hell yeah! I did it!”

Morning Coffee
What are you drinking! What is in your cup is important! Is it a dark roast? cream and sugar? Hand Pressed? Iced or Hot?! Details! Pictures!

Monday Mindfulness 
Take a moment, breathe deep. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Bring awareness to every limb. Take another deep breath. How do you feel exactly in this moment in one word? What do you hear?  How do you feel – emotionally? physically? What is your soul telling you at this very second?

Weekly Intentions
Intention is defined as a purpose or attitude. What do you intend for yourself this week? Focus on intentions that align with your greater self. Maybe you want to control your temper or keep your anxiety at bay. Maybe you intend on being happier so practicing mindfulness is a top intention. Whatever it is, make them known!

Weekly Goals
Different from intentions, goals are the object of your efforts and intentions. What do you want to accomplish? Anything from broad as “being happier” or “get more sleep” to specific as organizing your desk, to getting a blogging calendar done. Setting goals helps put thoughts into motion! Nothing is more satisfying to me than checking off items on a To-Do list, which is how I look at my goals for the week, a to-do list!


Play along! Pingback to this post so I can find it! I would love to see your weekly intentions!

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