Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

Well, my Monday started as…a Monday. In attempt to figure my sleep out, I essentially switched to a split sleep schedule. Well, Sunday’s throw that off because the Demon Seed has wrestling, so I have to be up at 9:30 and am up all day…in a gym…full of kids.. So I am exhausted. I try and nap but inevitably end up trying to get some sleep like I used to (ya know, like 3 hours LOL) wellllll, this morning, once I got the Niece of Doom in and tucked in, I feel back asleep. Usually how it goes. I have an hour and a half before we have to be up and get ready for the morning so it’s mindless right? Not if you didnt get any sleep prior! We were SO LATE this morning. No buses. everyone had to be dropped off. Demon was late by like 5 mins and Doom was late by like 15. UGH. so much fail. Monday for sure.

MAIN Dunkin

This Mornings Coffee
This mornings coffee was brought to you by the quarters in my center counsel and Dunkin. It’s a HUGE iced coffee and mocha and sugar. Yep, that’s right. A chocolately sweet coffee. Deal with it.

Thoughts About the Upcoming Week
School is back in session. Winter session kicked off on the 5th. I am taking a full workload, one class which is math. I will be using this week to get my feet wet in my new classes as well as get my organization on point. Calendars all updated, classes in iStudiez, and prepping my 2019 planner book (yayyy The Happy Planner!). We kick the week off with a Wrestling meet on Sunday, and hit the ground running!

This Weeks Goal
– Get my sleep schedule tuned and on point
–  Get classes all put in planners and apps so I can kill this semester!
–  Get my 2019 Blog Schedule started. I found a kickass little book in Target I want to steal blog ideas from!

I would love to hear about your upcoming week and goals for this week- even just your coffee choice! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!