Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

What’s worse than Monday? Monday morning when you’re sick! I made it so, SO long without catching anything going around and today? BAM! I feel like my head was hit with a train!


This Mornings Coffee
This mornings coffee is a giant, strong cup of straight up Espresso. Maybe I can motivate the sickness out of me? Maybe?

Thoughts About the Upcoming Week
This week my thoughts are about hitting my stride. Work, School, a lot of personal to-to’s and also combating what the hell this sickness is.

This Weeks Goal
– Get 100% of my classes in my iStudiez app. I was originally going to do it weekly, but I am thinking I want this semester in there up front.

-Hit my stride and keep going!

I would love to hear about your upcoming week and goals for this week- even just your coffee choice! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!


Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

Another Monday, but this time- in a totally different state! I am away for work this week, and because of this, my weeks outlook is absolutely different than most weeks. While it feels amazing to be typing this from actual work instead of my remote office, I can already tell it’s going to be one hell of a week!

CoffeeANDChaos2Monday Mindfulness
Surreal. I feel like I’m not really here. Like the noise is so loud it’s seems silent. I feel like I am out of body looking in. 

This Weeks Intentions
– To remain level-headed
– To not allow decisions to be made while extreme emotions of any kind are present
– To leave in a better state than I came

This Weeks Goals
– To kick as much ass as possible while physically at work
– To finally close the open chapter of my life’s book
– To RELAX (ha, yeah..okay..)

I would love to hear about your intentions and goals this week- even just your Monday mindfulness! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!